Thursday, April 8, 2010

Stay At Home Moms need money too!!!

It's hard enough to stay at home all day and take care of your children, but when you run out of money to do the things, that used to be normal to your everyday life, it's time to find a way to bring in some extra cash!
Back in October of 2009, this is the predicament I found myself in! It's not that we were broke, but I wanted to make my own money so I could do what I wanted to do with it... you know? YES! I have a shopping problem... NO I don't need an intervention, I just needed a way to make money to support my habit.
I was invited to a Premier Designs Jewelry Party by my cousin... not going to lie, I really didn't want to go. Who wants to go to a party to look at Jewelry that is over priced, yet you feel obligated to buy something because you were invited... NOT ME! ... I ended up going anyways, dragging along my brothers girlfriend and another friend. We arrived a little late, girls were trying on Jewelry and people seemed excited...
The Jeweler who was representing the Jewelry had us all sit down to play a "purse game" such a great idea to get everyone involved! We played for a free charm bracelet. I didn't win, but I gained a lot of information from the Jeweler... here is what I learned about being a Premier Designs Jeweler..
  1. You make your own schedule. Work as little or as much as you want.
  2. You choose how much Jewelry you have out on your table.
  3. No inventory is needed!! All you need is our display pieces which again, as much or little as you want!
  4. YOU make 50% of all your sales & you are paid the same day!!!
  5. There are no quotas!
After hearing all of these things, I didn't buy anything. I mean really? would you? knowing that the jeweler is making 50% of the retail price of the jewelry means, to me, there is a huge mark up there! CRAZINESS I TELL YA!

So, I contacted a local Jeweler. I set up a meeting and I wanted to know the whole scoop on this. It seemed too good to be true.
I became a Jeweler 3 days after meeting with my local premier jeweler. Let me tell you... I work when I want, shop when I want and I love what I do! This allows me to continue to stay at home with my daughter and pick and choose when I want to work and when I don't want to work! LOVE IT!!!
Right now my average show is about $500 which means I make $250 on average each show I do. Typically you can get 2 shows a week, but I have been slacking a lot lately... weather got nice, holidays were here and I have wanted to spend my weekends with my family!

Anyways, I guess all I wanted to say was there are GREAT opportunities out there for Stay At Home Moms, this being one of them. Premier Designs Jewelry has been a blessing to me, and it could be a blessing to you or someone you know as well!

If anyone is interested in getting the literature for this let me know, I would be more than happy to get it out to anyone who could benefit from the opportunity!


  1. How do you book parties? I used to sell Mary Kay and this was my biggest problem. I didn't want to pressure people so I never even really tried.

  2. I always make sure to book a show to replace the show I am hosting. There are incentives to the hostess for booking 3 shows from her show, ad if I don't get a show booked... when I get home I hit the phones to potential prospects I get from my surveys I pass out at my shows! :) It's pretty easy with the jewelry deal, because Premier offers the most fabulous hostess benefits!

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