Thursday, April 8, 2010

TTC baby #2

Trying To Conceive baby #2.

This has been a long time in the works. I have always wanted two kids, and my husband has always only wanted 1. It took a long time for me to get everything out of him to figure out why he only wanted one. I FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT!

When we were talking about only having 1 baby my husband explained to me WHY it was best. Jeff (my husband) was an only child in his family, his parents divorced when he was young. His mom remarried a man who had 2 children, who now became Jeff's new family. Jeff's parents later conceived a baby boy. This brought the family to a typical his, hers and "ours" type of label. Well, Josh, who was the "our" baby became what the relationship was all about. Jeff explains that they lived for Josh, everything was always about him and everything will continue to be that way. Their schedule revolves around his schedule and everything else can come around that. After, he explained all this to me I could totally see what he was saying. I have been dating Jeff since the end of 2002 and thru all the time I have ever known them, we have always worked around the schedule of Josh. :( kind of a bummer to just now figure out why my husband only wanted 1 child.

HOWEVER, I explained to Jeff, I have 3 brothers, and 3 step siblings. I could not imagine having no other sibling to talk to or hang out with. Granted, I never see my steps, but to not have any biological siblings... I couldn't imagine. My brothers and I have a very unique bond between the 4 of us.
ANOTHER reason I explained to him why we should have another baby is because we made a promise to each other before we got married. We would NEVER divorce, we would work thru everything, because seeing what OUR parents had us going thru with the divorce process, is something we promised to never do to our own. That being said, we would never have to worry about one child having more attention than the other! :)

Our conversation ended really well, and after talking thru all of this, in our own mini therapy session, we have decided whatever happens, happens...
This being said... My husband always gives me what I want, he loves me, loves our family and wants the best for all of us. We are actively trying to conceive baby #2! YAY!!!

Not that I have a lot of followers yet, but have any of you been thru this discussion and what are your thoughts?!?

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