Friday, April 9, 2010

Who has time to lay out?

Really... I only have 1 child right now, but just thinking about getting time to "lay out" in peace makes me shiver. There is absolutely NO way I will have any time to lay out and get a beautiful golden brown tan this year. Unless, I decide to take my precious 2 hours of baby nap time and tan it away... ummmmm.... NO THANKS!
I have always been a fan of at home tanning products, and recently tried a cheap one... it's Banana Boats Tanning Mist can called Summer Color... ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!! I am sold. I bought this at Target for just over $6. I have used it 2 times now and the color is simply amazing. I look like I have laid out and gotten a nice glow without even laying out!
Here is how easy it is to use...
  • I take my shower
  • dry off
  • spray my mist all over
  • let it dry for 5 minutes
  • get dressed and in about 2 hours I already see color!
Moms are busy, we don't have time to do all the things we used to do. This is my tip to help moms get that summer glow without wasting the time of soaking in the sun rays! Try it out let me know what you think, and if you use any other self tanning products, let me know what it is you use and what you think of them! :)


  1. AND you won't get skin cancer like you do with laying out!

  2. You are a much braver woman that I!!! LOL. How do you spray it on evenly?? The whole **evenly** thing is what I cannot do - no matter what brand I try;) As for tanning, I have been (I know, I know, BAD!!) but we're headed to Mexico this week so laying out or spraying something evenly all over my body just wasn't gonna cut it ;)

  3. I can never get it "even" either! just never works!!!

  4. Getting it even... EASY! :) Make sure when you are spraying you keep the can about 6 inches away from you, do horizontal sprays the first coat and vertical the other, you will prevent any streaking or missed areas by doing it this way. I even spray my face and hands, and no streaks!!!
    Try it, and if you don't like the results, which I think you will, you can always exfoliate in the shower and it will all come off! :)

  5. Do you think the color would look natural on someone with fair skin? I'm so pale that tanners always look fake on me.

    I'll be your newest follower if you'll check me out too :). Your blog looks great so far.

  6. YES! Try it out, you will be amazed how great this stuff is! I couldn't believe it, another one I used to use was Jergens Gradual Tanning lotion, but you have to use it everyday, and I am horrible with keeping up with it and the smell started to get to me throughout the day!